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Processor & Back to land side
FRG is a team of highly experienced food waste experts, engineers, project managers and agronomists committed to using UK food waste to its maximum environmental and economic advantage.

FRG is the exclusive UK Licensee for the BIOTEL enhanced aerobic digestion technology which is used to produce the ‘Back to Land’ range of high yield organic fertilisers.

Investors - FRG builds and operates BIOTEL systems on a regional basis to process food waste It invites investors to purchase equity in local operating businesses offer excellent rates of return.

Smaller units are offered for sale to farmers, supermarkets, and food manufacturers who have there own energy and fertiliser needs.

Established by PREL 2008 FRG is 50% owned by PREL and 50% BIOTEL Organic Solutions Ltd.

Latest News
  • FRG secures BIOTEL license
  • FRG formed by PREL Green Investment Team
  • Barking GreenGobla gets planning permissions
Registered Company Address: Ruthlyn House | 90 Lincoln Road | Peterborough | PE1 2SP | Company No 06637539